Implications of Non-nativeness on Teacher Recruitment

Non-nativeness is an increasingly important area in ELT. Whilst some research has been carried out on non-native teachers and their credibility, there have been few indications inside articles which tackle the topic from the recruitment angle. The aim of this paper is to investigate the challenges which non-native English-speaking teachers (NNESTs) and ELT organisations encounter; provide a framework for recruiting NNESTs; and suggest some practical tips for potential non-native teachers and those who are already …

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The Leadership of Abu Bakr and Omar

During the lifetime of the prophet (PBUH) the revelation had been linking the heavens and the earth and people had been witnessing the messenger. After the prophet’s death there was a real test for the caliphs following him. Will they hold fast to the teachings and message he had left? In this essay, I am going to touch on the caliphate of Abo Bakr[1] As-Siddiq and Omar Ibn Al Khattab[2] tackling 3 min issues: 1) …

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