Muaweyah Ibn Abi Sufyan

Al hamdu Lellah, Was-Salatu was-Salamu ala rsoulellah: This article touches on one of the great companions of the prophet; that is Muaweyah Ibn Abi Sufyan (RA). It is divided into four sections: a) Introduction, b) Muaweyah’s virtues, c) The position of Ahlu-sunna regarding his mistakes, d) Conclusion. Introduction One of the most important beliefs a Muslim has is accepting the Quran and the authentic teachings of the prophet Muhammed (PBUH). Besides, an accurate methodology should …

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2 Ways of looking into Consumption

Consumption is the end of the economic story. Companies spend a large amount of money on training employees, facilities, research, promotion, transport and many other things to reach this end. Many people consider consumption as an ultimate goal; to have this and have that, do this and do that. But is this really the case in Islam? In this research, I am going to touch upon the concept of ‘consumption’ in Islam and in conventional …

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Islam and Culture

The “Culture” concept is becoming wider in its perspective. That is, it overlaps with some other ideas, such as civilisation. I will try to bring things together to better understand “culture” in relation to Islam. “Culture” is seen as the total sum of civilisation, cultivation, thought and the whole life in its material and spiritual dimensions (As-Sayeh, 1977). ¬†Habannakah (1998) suggests that the meaning of “culture” encompasses the different kinds of human development which are …

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